Elizabeth boren actor thumbnails

Silhouettes for the Actor. I decided to go for a more robotic look. The actor can't directly fight the Curruption so must rely on stealth and cooperation with the director to complete their objective.

Elizabeth boren dummyforgotthepsd

This is the Actor character in the game that is controlled by the player using a mouse and keyboard.

Elizabeth boren glitchymapsmall

A concept for the map the Director sees in the command canter inside the Vive.

Elizabeth boren uisheet

Some UI designs for possible in-world HUD the Director could interact with and map icons. The objects on the bottom are 3D models.


CryptoDrome is a concept started during the Global Gamejam 2017 by me and some of my peers. The work here is concept art I did after the Jam ended.
In CryptoDrome a corrupt Program threatens to destroy a virtual world created by the Director, a computer scientist that specialized in Artificial Intelligence. In order to stop a rogue AI the Director, who uses a virtual console inside the Vive, must assist and instruct the Actor, an "AI" player character controlled by the second player on a mouse and keyboard, through the maze of a corrupted environment to reboot the system and destroy the corruption. The idea is that both players must work together to avoid the Corruption and save the virtual world.

More artwork
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