Memento Mori Characters
Elizabeth boren maincharacter

Design for Ajooni, the protagonist

Elizabeth boren evangeline

Design for Evangeline, an aspiring fashion designer who died young in the 70's

Elizabeth boren beast

Design for the Beast, the character who's been in the woods so long with his own torments he's becoming more beast than man.

Elizabeth boren beastges

Beast poses during dialogue.

Elizabeth boren cuthbert surprised

Cuthbert pose during dialogue.

Elizabeth boren death gesturee

Death pose during dialogue.

Memento Mori Characters

Some of my character artwork from my thesis project, Memento Mori. Memento Mori is a philosophical exploration of death, and a narrative and art-driven exploration game that mixed point-and-click gameplay with visual novel style story-telling. You play as Ajooni Kaur who wakes up in a strange forest. She comes to meet a personification of death who gives her the bad news that she died. The player can explore the forest and meet other characters stuck in Death's woods.

Link to game:

More artwork
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