The Director
Elizabeth boren directornew

Silhouettes. A few I gave up on half way though and moved on. I ended up choosing #8.

Elizabeth boren refs

Some inspirational references I used

Elizabeth boren color study

Trying out different colors

Elizabeth boren final

The final concept of the Director

The Director

This is part of the Cryptodrome concept art but I wanted to put this process separately. My concept for the director is; a guy in an early 70's VR headset. I looked at a lot of older computers and thought to myself, I bet a VR machine back then would be massive. So here he is in the "Newtonne", the VR headset of the future. I wanted to push the absurdity of the thing but still make it somewhat believable. The headset itself is connected to the ceiling via a support system/rig that keeps the weight off him and allows him the minimal movement needed to interact with the VR world.

More artwork
Elizabeth boren ch6coverElizabeth boren spider sketches cleanElizabeth boren