Things I did in less than 2 hours
Elizabeth boren weirdos

Mushroom Ghosts 1 hour?

Elizabeth boren ghot

Random Ghosts 1 hour

Elizabeth boren krazamcharactershilos

Quick character silhouettes 1 hour

Elizabeth boren thegoodones

Colored versions 1-2h?

Elizabeth boren screams

poster design two ish hours

Elizabeth boren mascaria

Mushroom troll character design 30 min to an hour

Elizabeth boren ellis

Succulent 3D model in under 2 hours

Things I did in less than 2 hours

Sometimes it's crunch time and you just gotta get it done. These are all things that mostly took between 30 min - 2 hours.

More artwork
Elizabeth boren ch6coverElizabeth boren spider sketches cleanElizabeth boren